About Us

In 2012 a group of highly committed professionals got together to forge something unique—something that up until that point had just been a dream. Community Communications Services Ltd. was created to fill a gap in the communication and technology sector in our BC area. Our founding members were motivated to make a lasting difference in the lives of rural Canadians; they saw that a diverse and well-aligned team was the most effective way of accomplishing this.
Since our inception, Com Com Services has grown to be respected as a dependable and trustworthy source for high-tech communication services. But what really makes our team shine is not the fibre optics or the creative solutions our company may offer. What makes our team unique is our solid commitment to principles and integrity over profit.
As we continue to grow and expand our services, one thing will remain core to our identity as Community Communications Services: Positively impacting the individuals we serve and the communities we live in.
It is our hope that together we can share this passion for what we can do collectively to make your dreams succeed.

Environmentally Responsible

In our dedication to be environmentally conscious, we take pride in manufacturing with 100% renewable energy.
Com Com Services partners with local entities to assist in environmental cleanup and recycling initiatives.